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Start 03/15/2006


.... sufficing at the fresh air. Care for contact to lovable people. Also pay attention particularly to a sufficient liquid supply. Drink at least 30 - 40 ml per kg of weight daily. These XtremeX2OBottleare 2.5 to 3 litres of water for a 80 kg heavy person. At an increased physical exercise as in the case of the sports and in heat your liquid need increases considerably, is twice as high often. Do not wait first until a thirst feeling adapts.

We lose also important minerals and trace elements at the daily secretions of liquid over the skin, lungs and kidneys. These must be brought to the body again with the food and drinking. The minerals in the drinking water are only insignificantly taken by the body. There is a removal of the absorption in the course of our ageing. Lacking thirst feeling and insufficient diet often lead in old age particularly to serious failure appearances. Already a low dehydration (reduction of the water content of our cells of 1-2 %) can decrease our brain organic efficiency and impair our feeling of well-being noticeably. Over the day drink 2 to 3 litre water at least. "....

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