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Start 03/15/2006


The optimum!
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The turning back osmosis procedure

Turning back osmosis technology is an extremely fine filtration. The turning back osmosis diaphragms have such a fine structure, that they have semipermeable qualities. It is the technical reversal of the principle of the osmosis spread far in nature.

The automatic substance walk by diaphragms (osmosis) appears always when two aqueous solutions are separated with different ion concentrations (differently many and great loaded particles) by a semipermeable diaphragm of each other. The solution concentrated more lowly flows to the higher concentrated one. The osmosis is the diffusion of a constituent of a solution by a semipermeable diaphragm. Only the small water molecules can pass the semipermeable diaphragm. The greater salt ions become to be left by the sieve effect. The osmosis principle is of greatest physiological importance .....  pfeill read more   

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